About Lambert Ranch

Live in Luxury:
Lambert Ranch is an exclusive gated community in the Portola Springs area of Irvine, CA and sits on a 50-acre development of 169 homes developed by The New Home Company. The extraordinary luxury home development and the amazing positive response by the initial residents have quickly made Lambert Ranch one of the most successful new home communities in the United States

Lambert Ranch boasts classic architecture in the tradition of the finest California communities, enhanced by abundant gardens, parks and mature landscaping. The master planned development has parks, pools and a Ranch House recreational center that allow members of this friendly community to grow together.

Lambert Ranch extends through three distinct but connected neighborhoods that thematically derive from the historical origins of the ranch – The Field, The Hill and The Grove.


The Harmony of Feng Shui:
Lambert Ranch in Irvine, one of the most popular and fastest-selling communities in the nation, was designed to incorporate meaningful Feng Shui principles.

Consulting with Feng Shui Master David Cho, The New Home Company applied the natural topography of the Lambert Ranch site to create what is commonly known as “The Emperor’s Throne” within the community plan. This best practice in Feng Shui allows for the community’s most Northern point to gently rest against a hill with the Ranch House’s pool drawing a strong connection between water and its related importance to wealth and opportunity. In order to activate the symbolic nature of these forces, Lambert Ranch and David Cho held a “Ming Tong” ceremony that included burying a gold coins throughout Lambert Ranch.


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